12.12.08 Scribble

Yes, more than just one this time. Now there is no excuse for posting something... Take on one shape or all, the choose is yours.


tried sticking inside the shape with the bottom, and left the shape to add something else above.


Hey, we've missed posting two weeeks of scribbles but thats ok! once we start seeing posts for the last "shape" scribble I'll put up a new scribble then.

Keep the CupODoodle ALIVE mofockars!

Scribble 10.24.08

I totally spaced on last doole... I will try and catch up. I hope you all will catch up to.


Not much use of the lines, but I couldn't get past the shape.

08.15.08 scribble

It ...uh... died down a lot a bit last week, but if you still want to you can use the previous scribble to posst something. PEACE!