So its been awhile and i've taken a bit of a break from managing this blog but hopefully this new year will be a revamping of the Cup O' Doodle. Since I have reached the limit of blogger authors and I've had spamming issues when using the email option for posting to the blog, I am now utilizing twitter as a new way of posting but I'm currently working out the bugs so hang in there...

One quick note, for anyone wanting to use the scribbles posted here, as long as you link to this blog and credit where you grabbed the scribble from on your own tumblr/twitter/blogger/wordpress..etc then its all good.

I will be adjusting the guidelines so all of this will be crystal clear so go check out the rules and posting page here, any questions feel free to comment or contact me.


For all Cup O' Doodlers out there that may have any problems posting using the email address I personally handed out. The email has changed, so if you want to know the new email to post please email me. For all artists who want to join do the same and email me a bit about yourself and your current blogs/tumblrs/portfolios.

Thanks everybody.



 Hey everyone, its been a minute since any updates on the blog and I have started to get a lot of spam being sent as posts here as well which is frustrating to deal with. So i'll hopefully be coming up with a plan on re-vitalizing this blog and I'll also will be posting more myself. 

We still have tons of scribbles to work with so don't be afraid to throw up a sketch!


My Gracious!

Its been a while... Needed to get myself out of a design rut. So I thought Id warm up the juices here.

Indian Sadhu

Shyam Wanare
Thanks and Regards,
Shyam Wanare 

02.25.14 Scribbles!

Thanks for waiting everyone, here is a new batch of randoms.

Another update, Cup O' Doodle has a twitter for all of you twitter folks, use these to be re-tweeted @cupodoodle or #cupodoodle