A quick'n rough warm up!


Gio M. said...

One of my favorites of yours so far. Loved it soon as I saw it.

Anonymous said...

Peggy .
Is she related to " Black Peggy 96"?
And into " Sogodu"?
Because they got a Rporket.
And they got a Wherger.
And you got a Gerpes in Eadittorl Dhlighet ?
With Istanbul?
Because Ruthibelle went to hell and took Cho- Nye- Dot- with her.
And they all found Rick's Setain under Kogellamp .
But don't worry about Alana - Rush.
They got Cuthes 5 down in Patbil & Bilco.
And that's one fuck of a Rocunrol with " The Rocce".
DJ Zole - DJ Acke 29- Technoir 14.

Jesse said...

What anonymous said! plus this is sick :)

Logan Pearsall said...


DustyArt said...